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Hard Trap Beat Instrumental | Sick Rap Instrumental (prod. Soulker)

by on May 4th, 2019
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Hard Trap Beat Instrumental | Sick Rap Instrumental (prod. Soulker)

This Hard Trap Beat Instrumental was produced by Soulker! If you like the overall quality of this Sick Rap Instrumental 2017, then hit “Thumbs up”! Enjoy it!

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  • Blake Morkert

    I be braking in streets i be braking in the hall braking on your bich  braking in the mall i  braking in menphess braking Tennessee  i be making money just like money tree girls really thirsty so get her off of me she ain't a drinker but she want that Hennessy girl is really stupid all she got is Deez face looking ugly need to eat healthy need some broccoli maby some colee greens

  • Blystiv prod.

    Wow, it’s very good🔥. Check my beats on my channel. 😎😉

  • Stamina Beats


    Fire broooo! Just did a new track bro @

  • Baki Beats

    Really liked the vibe on that. 💯💯Hope you can check my beats on my channel and help each other grow🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🙏🙏

  • Nechirwan Hamid

    Wärend meine Jungs drauf gehen
    Kann man seh'n wie deine Jungs draufgehen
    Kannst du in meinem Lauf seh'n
    Kann ich deine Jungs laufen seh'n
    1 Faust und du kannst Nach Hause gehen
    Du pussy wirst immer verliehren
    Ich werde dich attackieren
    Dich elemenieren
    Verkaufe deine Leber und Nieren
    Dann sieht Mann dich dann nur noch kriechen auf alle vieren
    Tfuu du kleiner bastard
    Ein falsches Wort und dann wars das
    Also was was
    Mach kein palawa
    Sonnst fick ich dich und dann deine Mama
    Ich Folge meinen Gefühlen
    Aus diesem Grund kann sie meinen schwanz in sich fühlen
    Und dann sich spermien mit füllen

  • Teo Pedro

  • Icesliver

    ქალი დილით ქალი ღამით მანქანა დაქოქილი არის ცოტა ალკოჰოლი და ლოგინი ღამით რათქმაუნდა გაათენებამდე ერთად ვართ რაც დღეს დავგეგმეთ არ გადავდებთ ხვალ

  • RiꜱᴇnHᴇᴇd

    Soulker you are secretly a rap god

  • BenFly Okayokay

    I want to really support each other's videos. I really love what you’re doing. I just started posting a bunch of videos give me a heads up if you love it.


    this is really good man )))

  • Michael Velaxco jr

    If you don't know me my name is Michael
    Stacking paper fatter then the Bible
    Nobody is my idol
    There all my rivals
    All these rappers on my food cycle
    And when my middle finger is up
    It's only time that I give a fuck
    Pop his top open like a 7 up
    Try to do some wordplay
    Got all this cake but it ain't my birthday
    This is ground breaking like a earthquake
    Kill em then leave his momma sick with a blueface
    Put the tool in your mouth like I'm tryna fix a tooth ache
    Straped up like call of duty
    Wet you up like a Jacuzzi
    Your girl wanna do me
    She act like a groupie
    Call me a pirate cuz my eyes on that booty
    Fucked her so good that we missed the whole movie


    Some dope vibes…

  • Jude Robin

    🔥Check my shit out 😁 if you want

  • DragonDeLeon

  • Prod by. Gianni

    Them drums go hard 🔥🌊

  • Kadarin187

    You should experiment more with choirs holy shit. This sounds really good

  • Y '92

    Banger 🔥🔥⚡

  • Antoine Emond

    Qqun connait une prod similaire mais gratuit svp

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