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Why People Are Still Protesting After Derek Chauvin's Been Charged – "Nightly Pop" 6/1/20 | E! News

by on June 3rd, 2020
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Derek Chauvin’s been charged for killing George Floyd in broad daylight–so why are people still protesting? “Nightly Pop” breaks down the fight for racial equality.

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Why People Are Still Protesting After Derek Chauvin’s Been Charged – “Nightly Pop” 6/1/20 | E! News
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  • Salim Lubis

    Stupid question..

  • Rajdeep Sadhukhan

    Why the other police officers not charged??

  • wintermelrose

    Why can't the conviction of four cops be easier than all these people coming out protesting and more getting hurt and killed? Ask yourselves. Does the government really care about it's people? If all lives mattered then why is this so hard for them? to punish the guilty and let everyone be assured of a better law enforcement?
    Something is morally and ethically wrong and it's not fair. I'm sorry but I don't believe that police brutality is a minor issue.

  • Jerome Mathieu

    No justice in America???

  • Ahmed Syed

    White people: Jeez louise we charged him with 3rd degree murder derrpppp why are people still protesting? :S

  • Javier Chua

    can someone help answer the question

  • Lucidrequiem

    No justice, no peace…..ok, the cop is going to spend the rest of his life in prison, justice served…where is the peace?

  • dreamslxght

    Protesting is OK, unless you are BURNING down things, or harassing shops. This is NOT protesting. Or USA will burn down. We are protesting to stop racism, killing people to STOP. But when we burn down places, it will harm people, even maybe KILL people. So people should stop harming things, nothing will be solved but everywhere will be harassed and burned down.

  • S Bakhshaliyeva

    Because America don’t like African people why this black people not going back too there country Africa?

  • rifqy fadhilah rahman

    Pigs have a job to enforce a law and to do that they must have an authority to do that. So pigs job, in general, is two:

    1). Enforce the law
    2). Make sure they have their authority

    The problem is when pigs killed George Floyd in brutal manner seen by whole world like that, they lost their authority to enforce law and it's their fault to lost in in the first place.

    Whenever there is a vaccuum of power and there is no entity has an authority to enforce law, chaos occured, it always been. So, looting and chaos is the side effect of pig's fault by killing George Floyd, they are unable to do their job to keep their authority and to enforce law.

    Do not blame any other thing for this mess, deal the root cause first which is a man has been killed by pigs in brutal manner. Put these pigs who involved in jail for a long period of time at least. If they did that, there will be no chaos anymore.

  • Beeah K


  • K Ford

    Powerful commentary Nina

  • RC CGC

    But Keith Ellison is a wife/girlfriend abuser ? why is he on the case? I don't understand ! He abused his own family, domestic abuse! NO ! Find another lawyer.

  • Black Cruze13

    Derek will soon have a new black Boyfriend and he will be on top of Derek as he makes love to him then Derek will say I cant breathe but he will be wearing a bra and have lipstic and make up on😆

  • Natalia Fleming

    Uhhhhh it’s way more than just that one police officer!! And they still have yet to arrest the other 3!!!!!!

  • Fail Zero

    Stop calling it a protest. Now it's rioting.

  • Yardena Schrier

    Cause it’s enough !!

  • Jen N

    Nina I'm tearing up girl. We love you

  • Gissell Salgado

    Well said Nina 👏 I’m Latin and hearing you speak is very powerful. I can hear the pain in your voice. I stand with you ❣️

  • Terris Terris

    Okay, I understand they may not be able to prove he planned to kill Floyd before he arrived on the scene but it surely falls under 2nd degree murder. Why the lowest degree? It was a imminently dangerous act that could kill someone. He knew exactly what he was doing. He put his hands in his pocket because that would cause more weight to the neck to cut off his air supply. He stayed on the neck till Floyd had no more life in him left. He was trying to kill him. I’m not a lawyer and could win this case. 🙄

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