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Installing The Rock Block – Feed Wagon Repair and More First Cutting Hay Preparations!

by on June 18th, 2020
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This video is about installing the rock block – feed wagon repair and more first cutting hay preparations.

Hi my name is Paul & I’m Organic Dairy Farmer from Northeast South Dakota. I farm with my younger brother & we milk 50 cows. We are a 3rd generation family farm that farms 326 acres in which we raise corn, oats, alfalfa, soybeans plus we do rotational grazing with our milk cows.

We have been a certified organic dairy since November of 2006 & we take a lot of pride in what we do & strive to produce the highest quality products that we can.

I hope I can teach you a little bit of something about organic farming also in process maybe have a little fun along the way. Don’t be afraid to think outside they box!
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  • Ed Crego

    I know a man that looks 400 cows on 5acres of land he owns hardly any equipment he buys all his hay and feed has several silo's he fills with the purchased haylage and corn silage even sells all his manure and they come and haul it away I've thought about this alot not a bad idea he does own a couple of trucks to haul some of the feed he goes to other farmers and draws up contract for so many tons of this and that the place is a show place I always and still At almost 70 yrs old wanted to be a dairy men I could never talk dad into it we produced eggs and he didn't think it would work out any way just a little story I think is kind of neat hope it rains for you

  • john m

    Cool time lapses.

  • Ed Crego

    Lot of the dairy men have finished 2nd cutting and clame 3rd is looking strong hope you have same result I know one guy has his hay bunker full already

  • Brian Smith

    Nice looking udder on that cow!

  • James M

    Use a propane burner for those weeds

  • Pocket Change


  • Murphy Law

  • David Loy

    New tractor nice extra loader. Pull schuler cart up that icy hill in winter blow snow

  • Andy Lieffring

    I like how you keep a good attitude Paul

  • Mark Leman

    great video keep it up, the type of music you play is good to listen to. thanks.

  • Mark Enge

    I'm going to miss seeing Pat. Pat I wish you well. You can take the boy off the farm but you can't take the farm out of the boy.

  • KyFarmerman

    Another good one, liked the timelapses.

  • Wisconsin hay farmer

    Do you guys use that self-propelled heston anymore ?

  • Farming 4G

    You bit the bullet and got some Tirject too lol. So far it seems to be working on anything I've used it on…. we'll see how long it lasts, hopefully a few years.

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