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First Time Hearing | Hank Williams Sr. | Old Country Church | Country Music REACTION VIDEO

by on January 26th, 2021
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First Time Hearing | Hank Williams Sr. | Old Country Church | REACTION VIDEO
Hank Williams, Sr., even living a very short life, still managed to record a lot of beautiful songs that are meaningful and inspiring. Some of his songs make you want to return back to those times when you were a kid and just enjoy life. Some of his songs are moving as he sings about our beautiful Lord who is kind and understanding to us.- COUNTRY DAILY

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  • Heath Clark

    Hank did a duet with Little Jimmy Dickens on this song… it is great!

  • Christine Schmidt

    Would love to hear some " Luke the Drifter "

  • MiddleAge Maniac

    Thank you. This is one of my favorite hank songs.

  • melissa weatherford

    Thanks for the play. Hank SR. Another good one to try is George Jones, early stuff

  • Rodney McCarthy

    OK IF YOU are gonna go old country, then you might as well do… "Big John" …… AND "Elpaso" …….

  • Greg Ponder

    Wikipedia calls the English band, "The The," a post-punk band. I looked it up because I really had no idea how I would define them myself. Anyway, "The The" did a whole album of Hank covers. The album is titled "Hanky Panky," and, in my opinion, has some of the best and most unique Hank covers. Ever. Here's "I Saw the Light"…

  • Scotty England

    Hank Williams wrote ‘I Saw The Light’. Great old song, we sang it bout every Sunday! Check it out!

  • Tim Snow

    Enjoyed experiencing Hank Sr. with you ! Excited about your new line up too ! Always listened to Hank Jr. This is cool as shit !🙏⛄

  • Realbser 56

    Not much country music in Brooklyn during the 60’s. Glad I get to enjoy the legends with you D. Simple but elegant is how I would describe that song. Thank you for not interrupting.

  • Ronnie Phillips

    Michael, this brought a year to my eye. My Mom and I used to sing this song together 💖 She passed almost 6 years ago 💔 Thank you for your reaction. Luv ya 💕💕💕

  • Army Wife

    Brings back memories of the old country church I went to as a child ❤️ A house of Gold is a must by Hank!

  • Jeanette Gaff

    Another great gospel song by Hank is "I'm Going Home ".

  • Jeanette Gaff

    Thank you for doing this, it is my favorite Hank Williams song.

  • Walt Dupre

    Too many Hank songs to suggest but for a good overall sample I would suggest: You Win Again (one of my favorites), Hey Good Looking, I Saw The Light, Lovesick Blues, Cheatin Heart, Jambalaya…….

  • Steve Everett

    Thanks for this video. Hank was a great artist! Cheers, Steve

  • genghis1971

    If you're going to continue with Hank, I recommend you avoid any song which included Hank's wife Audrey. She couldn't sing and rather than be happy with being married to a major music star, she bullied her way into a handful of songs. Nothing makes me "Nope" out of a song faster than when I hear her come in at the beginning of "Dear Brother". The songs she was featured on are: "Lost on the River", "I Heard My Mother Praying for Me", "Dear Brother", "Jesus Remembered Me", "The Pale Horse and His Rider", "Jesus Died for Me", "Help Me Understand", "Something Got a Hold of Me", "I Want to Live and Love", and "Where the Soul of Man Never Dies". I can't remember if she ruins all of them.

  • 32a34a

    Even though a great Country singer some people don't realize he was a great gospel singer.

  • Warren Burlingame

    A lot of people don't realize Mr. Hank wrote a lot of great gospel songs. One you should check out is I saw the light

  • Patty Young

    Thank you beautiful!!

  • Regina Minton

    I was country growing up and as I aged and rock and roll was out and of course we gravitated towards the new. 6o's and 70's music was great, but country was always my gravitational pull. Thank you so much for this reaction.

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