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Kpop Music Mondays – Teen Top “Supa Luv”

by on August 18th, 2012
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This week we review Teen Top’s Supa Luv For more, go to –The Showdown– Teen Top – Rain – –The Gear– Shot on a Canon 550d and Canon 50mm and Tokina 11-16mm lens. Edited in Final Cut Pro and Motion. Music made in Garageband –Translated by– [닉쑤] Enjoy Your Happy Life~*:

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  • abdulsaburfaez

    My Channe cooydoo.

  • KoikeAya

    Hahaha Eric is Pedobear ~

  • JesseLee910

    I’m sure they already know that.

  • iluvsj4700


  • Jessica Lengsavath

    and that pedo bear is a guy from shinhwa

  • Jessica Lengsavath

    Watch Teen Top Be Ma Girl

  • TheMaYsSA2

    that moment when you realise L.joe is fluent in english xD

  • PearlDeAmethyst


  • TELLthemANDfly

    You’re making yourself look like an idiot. They’ve lived in Korea longer than you think. This is a REVIEW! It means it has both NEGATIVES and POSITIVES! They LOVE Korea and they aren’t from America, you stereotypical bitch mop!

  • MsHyunMin1

    I think that guy is from SHINHWA.
    The oldest Boy Band in Korea.

  • kikachuloveskitties

    Actually they do like the song so everything you just said is invalid…

  • kikachuloveskitties

    There’s nothing wrong with expressing your opinion. They don’t bash korea or the korean culture they just say they don’t like this song. Anyone can express their opinion about what they like. I’m sure they don’t like everything that’s american. And btw they are canadian so your argument about Gaga is invalid.

  • Mike Rosas

    Seriously? you guys really make me sick!!! kpop culture should be judge IN KOREA by KOREANS, you have no right talking shit about other artists in other countries, its obvios u wont like them cuz they aint americans, stick with judging artist from your country like gaga and the other anorexic bitches!!! artists that belong to “your culture”.

  • StrawberryCuppieCake

    I didn’t know they reviewed this…They reallly don’t like teen top

  • christine39

    I think this is the hardest I’ve LOLed watching a music Monday.

    and their nicknames are ridiculous too!

  • christine39


    I’m actually having that soup I love (pumpkin cream) as I’m watching. No joke.

  • ePBandJlover

    first laughing because of the teens on top, then i pause think about it and gasp at horror as i realize that it could also be Teens on T.O.P. and i screamed in terror at the very thought… even though i am technically a teenager…

  • silverspoons96

    Everyone has their own opinion and I’m totally fine with that! And as much as I usually enjoy your obnoxiousness, this just annoyed me. You went a bit overboard. When they made this video they had members who were 14 and 15 in their group. So they put an older man in their video to appeal to the older female fans. I didn’t really like the concept of the video either but I really like the dance and I think it was a very good second album.

  • mangachanie

    Yay! Secret Garden screen saver! XD
    Anyway, awesome vid! : )

  • mitkof13

    I was warned that there was strong language and viewer discretion was advised before the video started xD
    What did you guys say in a Teen Top video? LOL

  • Linda Lande

    Okay, what the hell are your problems? Dont talk bad about kpop, you are not nice, dont fucking talk bad about Seungri or Teen Top, what if they talkt bad about you??? It’s not fun, and you cant complain about their english cuz they are from korea and their english is actuallly pretty good for korean people, even rapers from USA is making shorter lyrics for it to sound cooler, they are just teens ! keep your bad thoughts for your selves!


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  • itsmelodylo

    Something my friends and I have been thinking about, since Teen Top are teens right now, their name works, but what will happen to their name when they’ll all be adults? 😛

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