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Queen – ‘Fat Bottomed Girls’

by on April 15th, 2013
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The official ‘Fat Bottomed Girls’ music video. Taken from Queen – ‘Greatest Video Hits 1’.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  • FamousOnRs

    I Brush my teeth to this shit.

  • Dakyne2

    The timing seems a bit off with the video and the sound..

  • Ontic98

    dear gods of music,

    we will trade you 99% of today’s mainstream artists for 1 more year with Freddie.

    music lovers of the world

  • bctime47

    Great this song

  • asshimardoughnut

    Or the use of said toilet paper. XD

  • David Walls

    His. Face looks like he would be ripped but he’s not

  • Desmond Azreal

    Well, back in the 80’s everyone dressed in a homosexual manner, so no one knew it. :3

  • brynna snyder

    Freddie is a legend, well at least to me!

  • adam harner

    how did we not know freddie mercury was gay?

  • Ericka Niemann

    2:33 he looks so bored

  • Luke DeBee

    No, Big Booty Bitches was for people who can’t compare to Queen’s legacy.

  • Mary Quitecontrary

    It won’t allow me to paste the link; however, Freddie HIMSELF even said it was time for the world to know he was gay! Man, I’m tellin’ you I lived Freddie and the times; the straight world (much of it) was clueless. It didn’t want to know because then it would have had to process the information… which it found vile. OK, now I’m REALLY done.

  • Mary Quitecontrary

    He wasn’t bi. Many gay males have, for different reasons, slept with women. (I have quite a few friends who have, mostly to assure themselves they were gay:). Freddie talked about his emotional connection to his “girlfriend,” not a physical connection. The cameras following him apparently protected his idendity because his gay activites were not reported. Queen was huge when I was younger (at the height of the band’s career). His gay admission silenced most in the straight world. I give up now.

  • Liam b

    Hey hey, no need to be so hostile. I would disagree, Freddie was in fact a bisexual, and even when not being followed by cameras he would regularly check out local gay clubs when on tour, this was told to us by Brian May himself in interview. But due to the deal with his manager, Freddie was not to appear on any interviews without permission beforehand.

  • taylor19691

    He could sing about toilet paper and have a 5 million seat sold out crowd

  • taylor19691

    Hey it don’t matter if he was gay! He liked fat-bottomed girls didn’t he?!

  • Mary Quitecontrary

    Put in Freddie Mercury with cracked (dot) com. Freddie had a GIRLFRIEND for quite awhile AND posed for VERY STRAIGHT ads. Freddie was seen as a flamboyant entertainer. Nobody wanted to know that he was gay because if they had known, his career would have suffered greatly. It was a sign of the times.

  • Mary Quitecontrary

    LOL…no, they did not; you can’t stand to be wrong:D And they would have cared. The prejudice against homosexuality was huge. It’s what kept George Michael, Elton John (who eventually, when pushed, went so far as to say he was ‘bi’), and many others in the closest. It was all about straight music, not gay music. The gay clubs in the 70’s were often under physical attack…not welcome in most cities nationwide. Many Gay clubs were requiring 2 picture ID’s just to get thru the doors…

  • Leutenanturd

    I just wanna dress up like Freddie, down to each chest hair, and sing this at school.

  • hexi shton

  • Jason F.

    he wasn’t gay, he was bi..just for fact of clarity

  • corey96ish

    is this the original Big Booty Bitches?

  • TimDyck

    My favorite Queen song.
    In the seventies everyone knew Freddy was gay and no one gave a damn about it. We loved the music cause it was great music and we loved the band cause they created the great music. And most importantly we did not give a crap about the private lives of the people on stage. In the seventies it was all about the music!

  • clax808

    This one was written by Brian!

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