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πŸ”΄ Rock Radio Live 24/7

Monday, April 22nd, 2019

Rock/Metal radio live broadcast 24/7
Genres: Alternative rock/metal (mostly), but sometimes here you can hear some pop-punk, pop-rock or even power-metal and post-hardcore. I can’t say that I like one genre over another, but it all rocks for sure πŸ˜€
If you look at my other videos – you would see, that I made nightcore, but here’s on this radio ONLY original versions of the songs. Also I pay a lot of attention on lyrics of songs – so you can see and read it on the screen if you want.

Thumbnail of radio:



I don’t own anything from the stream and channel now, so any support would be the reward for keeping the stream live.

Patreon link is here:

Direct donations via PayPal:

For Russian and Ukranian guys:

@@@@ Thanks for my patrons: @@@@

Tobias GrΓΈnli
Marcus Eisenhofer
Jeremiah Hamman

@@@@Thanks for donations: @@@@
oliver recska

Also you can contact me in discord if you want, it’s much easier than youtube messages:



This is my second stream, first stream (nightcore one) is here: – same songs in nightcore mode, I found it interesting to listen (and make), because some songs sounds lot better in speed/pitch up, if you don’t believe me – just take a try to listen – and you would not be disappointing.

I don’t want to make any special rules (at least now) except one – no roleplays. If you guys want to rp – you can follow the link above and do it on nightcore stream.
Also you must understand that here’s mostly english speaking auditory, so if you want to chat here – use this language. I’m also not native english speaker, but there’s some practice for people like me, right? (;

Of course you would be banned if you would say some angry words without reason.If you want to say some rude words – then do it, but still respect the others.
I would not ban you for some negative critics or something even worse, if this information would be objective. I’m always want to improve quality and content – and if you have something to say on this direction – then DO IT!

The main direction for you – is make this chat better for talking. Don’t let your interests and attitudes be higher than this. Respect the others, even if you don’t really like them as a persons – maybe you just doesn’t know them too well?..


Goal of this stream – sharing good music with other people. I know that you may not like some songs because of difference of tastes. But I still hope that you’ll like it. I’m collecting songs depending only on my own taste, and a lot of people said that I have good taste in it (count of subscribes saying the same).

All songs from my tracklist:

My favorite songs:

Female vocal songs:

Male vocal songs:

Duet vocal songs:



I don’t know what to write here at the bottom :0, so just thank you for listening, and I hope you would find some interesting music due to my stream/videos.

Thank you.

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πŸ₯ Dancing Drums BIG Start πŸ’° $1000 @ Hard Rock AC βœͺ BCSlots (S. 1 β€’ Ep. 3)

Sunday, February 3rd, 2019

➑ Catch up on the rest of this week’s video series!
S. 1 β€’ Ep. 1 –
S. 1 β€’ Ep. 2 –

Watch Brian Christopher play Slot Machines from the Casino!
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I promote educational and responsibly fun gambling as I travel the globe teaching you about slot machines and casinos. Watch me as I play slots between and 0 a spin!

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* #1 Executive Producer: Susan D
* Executive Producer: Patrick B
* Producer: Robert F
* Associate Producers: George W, James M, Lisa H
*Co-Producers: Nate S, David A, Carol R, Dale B, Melissa H, Jackie R, Michael D, Ritha K, Chris G, Thomas P, Miles W, Stefanie M, Brian Dougall

Videos are Edited by Brian Christopher and John Roberts.

Music provided by NCS:, Love U by Razihel

These videos are intended for 18+ only. If you have troubles with gambling, please seek help. Remember that the odds are with the Casinos, so know your limit and use an entertainment budget only. If you think you may have a problem, visit in the USA or look up your local branch.

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Β©All uploads are my intellectual property. You do not have permission to re-use any part of them without my written consent.

πŸ₯ Dancing Drums BIG Start πŸ’° 00 @ Hard Rock AC βœͺ BCSlots (S. 1 β€’ Ep. 3)

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Topik i Topcia – Imprezowe Stroje LOL Surprise & Party POP teenies πŸ’™

Thursday, January 31st, 2019

Topik i Topcia zapraszajΔ… na bajkΔ™ pocieszajkΔ™ πŸ™‚ β—„ Subskrybuj kanaΕ‚ Topik i Topcia

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Merengue Sensual – Calypso 😍

Wednesday, December 5th, 2018

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Thursday, December 28th, 2017

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Best Trap Reggae Mix 2016 πŸ’Š Trap & Bass Reggae Music πŸ’Š

Monday, May 8th, 2017

0:00-3:56 ‘Bob Marley – Is This Love (SKG Remix)
3:57-8:00 Omi – Cheerleader (Yung Crude Remix)
8:02-11:01 the Partysquad & DJ Punish ft CeCile – Turnt Up
11:02-13:23 Bob Marley – Three Little Birds (Ricky Mears Remix)
14:36- 17:20 Barrington Levy – Black Roses (Banx & Ranx Remix)
17:21- 20:41 Bob Marley – Jamming (Banx & Ranx Remix)
20:42- 23:52 Bob Marley – Is This Love (Vicetone Remix)
23:53- 26:43 Damian Marley – Road To Zion (Karma Trap Remix)
26:44-31:14 Daddy Tar – Zigzawya (NO IDEA WHAT THE REMIX IS)
31:15-34:24 Prima Volta & Protohype – Bigger than you & me (Proper Villains Remix)

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Video Rating: / 5

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